July 20, 2017

Genome Editing – CRISPR

Frank Magliochetti Report:   CRISPR

CRISPR trials just may be one the most important healthcare industry breakthroughs of this generation

Frank Magliochetti

Almost every year, a new disease is introduced in the world which affects the population of our country. It would be wrong to say that people living in rural areas may be more prone to catch diseases than those who are living in the city. The fact is that no matter where you live or how Frank-Magliochetti_crisprhard you try to protect yourself from the outside world, there are some in-house diseases that may catch up to you.

Once such disease that can strike anyone at any time is cancer which arises through our genetics.   A disease that in some cases runs down from generation to generation which may strike no matter what we may do to help prevent it.  It is something we all dread.

A study conducted on genetic based cancer diseases was conducted in the US and finally was granted access for testing on humans on June 21st.   The NIH (National Institute of Health) gave the green light to start testing the CRISPR-Cas9 trial on humans so that help from T Cells could be enlisted to protect the body.

To understand the trial, first, one needs to understand what exactly CRISPR-Cas9 is. CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a drug derived from Streptococcus pyogenes, which enabled the researchers to make permanent mutations. This introduces double stranded healing breaks in cells to activate the repair pathways in a human body. They adapt immunity in certain archaea and bacteria, which allow organisms to invade and eliminate genetic material.

This disease was discovered in 1989 but until 2007 its symptoms were unknown. 2016 has brought new hope for people to live a healthy life. The trial will be funded by Sean Parker, a tech entrepreneur who has a $250 million dollar cancer treatment center; The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

There have been other trials conducted but the problem with them was that the T Cells, which were reintroduced to a person’s body were not that effective, however, they did kill the NY-ESO-1, the T Cells stopped proliferating and became less effective. crispr-magliochetti

There are many hospitals all over the world that are holding CRISPR trails. Some trials were started at the beginning of August while others are set to start in September.

Hospitals such as Massachusetts General Hospital located in Boston have been conducting tests on genome editing since 2013. This is one of the oldest hospitals in Boston and gets close to 100,000 patient visits per year. There are even chances that MGH affiliated laboratories will also conduct genome editing trials.

Many more hospitals based in Boston have announced that with proper funding, they will start genome editing trials in 2017. Since the trials are so expensive, scientists will pick patients who are immune to Cas9 enzyme.

The discovery and trials of CRISPR is one of the best advancements in medical history. Though the patients for the trial will be chosen in small numbers, people living in fear that their life may end after four or five years due to a genetic illness like Leukemia may now have new hope of living a healthy and happy life.

The content below was aggregated from a Boston Globe opinion piece by Jim Kozubek please click the link to head to the official site to read the rest of the post.


CRISPR and the capitalists

CRISPER-CAS9 IS A method of manipulating DNA that is transforming medicine and science. It is both popular (“molecule of the year!”) and dangerous (researchers have received threats from GMO activists). It is also wildly lucrative.

The first clinical trial of these tiny molecular scissors may begin by the end of the year. Meanwhile, two camps, the Broad Institute — where I held affiliation for nearly three years — and University of California at Berkeley and researcher Emmanuelle Charpentier, are locked in a patent showdown that will play out in early 2017 with perhaps a billion dollars at stake.
Society treats science as a public trust by funding it through taxes, but perhaps it shouldn’t do so indefinitely. One of the subliminal things that the CRISPR-Cas9 legal showdown tells us is that academic-industry partnerships may one day be mature enough that science may begin to forgo its tax base.

In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt directed his wartime chief of research, Vannevar Bush, to find a way to extend funding after the war. In a document with soaring language entitled “Science the Endless Frontier,” Bush laid out the argument for robust federal funding engines through the National Institutes of Health, the creation of the National Science Foundation, and what would become a briskly expanding network of research scientists throughout the United States.
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Frank Magliochetti  Radio Show Host?

The summer months were quite busy for the managing partner at Parcae Capital  Frank Magliochetti – Frank has been on the move!

Frank was uncanny with the pick hits and content on Absolute Day Traders .  Take for example the hot pick hit company OPKO Health.  The ongoing posts featuring Opko Healthone of Absolute Day Trader Picks  pick hit companies were dead on as the company started hitting it big late August and fast became trending on numerous sites as a must have addition to your watch list.    Mr Magliochetti was way out in front of this pick hit compan.  For months leading up to OPKO making headlines Frank was posting about the important activity going on there.    – Keep an eye on the pick hits from Frank  on Absolute Day Traders!

Frank found time to co-host the popular internet business radio show MYOB on the UR Business Network with show creator and UR Business Network  founder Rick Brutti.

Frank welcomed two innovative pioneers as guests to speak on their respective fields, both  guests made for some interesting and lively conversation.

Meet Peter Weinstein founder and SEO of  One3 IP.


Here is some information Boston Financial Guide curated from the One3 IP  website to share with you while listening to the interview. We urge you to visit their website for more details about  One3 IP by clicking HERE.


About Us

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Meet  Xenetic CEO Scott Maguire and listen to what Xenetic is doing and how it may  impact the Boston Financial landscape.

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Xenetic is a leading UK-based bio pharmaceutical company providing leading-edge expertise in the development of a whole new generation of drugs, cancer therapies and vaccines.

Working with some of the largest pharmaceutical organisations in the world, Xenetic provides specialist delivery solutions to improve the efficacy and performance of drugs and vaccines in a number of key medical areas including oncology.

We are also actively developing our own pipeline of next generation biotherapeutics based on our proprietary PolyXen,Oncohist and ImuXen platform technologies.

Here are some of the facts curated by Boston Financial Guide from  the Xenetic website

Product Pipeline

Protein drugs and vaccines

Xenetic’s biopharmaceutical pipeline contains a range of product candidates which are currently under development either in-house or with biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners.  The products in Xenetic’s pipeline have a multi-billion dollar market potential.

Frank Magliochetti is managing partner at Parcae Capital.

North Andover MA based Parcae Capital offers personalized investment banking services for emerging growth companies. They specialize in finding companies which have leading edge technology, services or intellectual property in the healthcare, media and alternative energy space. Parcae Capital assists both public and private companies in preparing to raise private and public capital for all phases of growth. Parcae Capital also offers comprehensive assistance in mergers, acquisitions and related services. Their work out group specializes in business restructuring and recapitalization.

Just Fellowship

Parcae Capital Corporation News – New Client:

Just Fellowship has signed on with Parcae Capital.


Just Fellowship is a social network designed to bring Christians together.

They hope to be set apart as they bring in services similar to those found on eBay and craigslist all emanating from one portal.

In Christianity the term “Fellowship” refers to individual Christians who are in Christian communion with each other.  Just Fellowship tag line is “Enjoy amazing fellows all around”.    Just Fellowship is a business whose principal operations emanate from both Medford, MA  & Salvador, Bahia.

 Parcae  Capital Corp has been engaged to bring Just Fellowship to the next level.  Parcae is assisting them with a strategic business plan, capital raising  and hiring their team including programmers, Board of Directors and C- Level personnel.


Frank Magliochetti is lead on this project.  Just Fellowship is currently in beta and has already driven over 15,000 members in three short weeks.

Look for Mr Magliochetti to provide more details on the short and long term strategies Parcae Capital is developing for Just Fellowship.

Frank Magliochetti is managing partner at Parcae Capital.