July 20, 2024

Drug Breakthrough for HSDD

Sprout Pharmaceuticals

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Sex, specifically women’s sexuality, is often considered a topic that the public and the media tip toe around. For some time now, there has been demand for a addyi-frank-magliochetti-reportmedication that will serve a similar function as Viagra but for the female population that requires a libido boost. Since there are pharmaceutical drugs created that aid men having trouble with sexual activity which are widely advertised and accepted as a legitimate prescription, advocates for female sexual health have been discussing this inequality in healthcare and the possible solutions. Male sexual health medicines have been around for a significant amount of time, however, the female alternative is still in the beginning stages.

Given the current political and societal atmosphere women’s sexual health is a frequently debated topic. There have been numerous doctors frankmagliochettireport_addyand advocates for the past several years that have spoken out on behalf of the need for a drug that can aid the female population that suffers from various medical issues that make participating in sexual activity difficult or altogether impossible. With the rising demand for such a product pharmaceutical companies have been working on creating the solution. In August of 2015, the FDA finally approved a pill that was developed for such a purpose. This drug called Flibanserin is made by Sprout Pharmaceuticals and is sold under the brand name Addyi; given the pink coloration of the pills they have come to be known as the “little pink pill.”

Sprout Pharmaceuticals has made a great breakthrough with Addyi; not enough attention has been given to finding potential solutions for those suffering with HSDD.

Frank Magliochetti

Addyi is intended for use in premenopausal women suffering from a disorder known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), this disorder decreases women’s libido for no known reason and negatively impacts the lives of women suffering from HSDD. HSDD can negatively impact the affected women’s relationships and generate unneeded difficulty and stress, Addyi is intended to alleviate these issues by boosting the libido in women suffering from HSDD. Addyi, unlike the potential alternatives that are in the research stages. manages to aid women in the increasing of their libido without the use of hormones. Flibanserin is designed to balance the neurotransmitters in women’s brains in order to increase their libido. The neurotransmitters that are impacted frankmagliochettireport-addyi-sproutpharmaby this drug are dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.  Addyi has been available for prescription since October of 2016. According to Sprout Pharmaceuticals it should be available through insurance companies and will cost anywhere from $30 to $75 whether the patient has insurance or does not have insurance. Addyi has shown that it has a few side effects such as sleepiness, faintness (loss of consciousness) and, low blood pressure.

The pink pill was previously submitted to the FDA sixty times for approval and the continued to require additional testing to be positive that the drug was safe, effective, and could not be misused to sexually assault someone. however, the FDA now believes that by the end of the year the pink pill will be as prominent as Viagra. The strides this development is making for women’s health are phenomenal. Addyi becoming even half as popular as Viagra will demonstrate the significant changes that have been made in the way that society views women’s sexual health and will change the entire conversation  in regards to sex. Women’s pleasure is no longer a nonexistent aspect of the equation in mainstream conversations about sexual health, this development has the potential to be as groundbreaking as when the birth control pill was first developed in the 1960s.

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