June 18, 2024

A Better Way to Learn? E-Learning is Here to Stay!

E-learning: A Better Way to Learn

For many students, e-learning is the greatest invention since the chalkboard. Students can now access nearly any course they can imagine, from picking up a new language to learning the art of clowning. This instant/anywhere access to learning frees students from the confines of a classroom and class schedule, and allows students to explore and absorb information in new ways.

E-learning, or eLearning, is any type of learning that occurs on a computer. Also known as online learning, e-learning often uses the internet, although learning may also involve the use of DVDs and CD-ROMs, streaming video or audio, and other media. E-learning is extraordinarily versatile and can accommodate all learning styles for a wide variety of studies, from grade school courses to graduate degrees. This approach can be utilized for a wide variety of learning types, such as one-to-one communication, collaboration and study groups, or the traditional teaching environment of an instructor leading a class.

Benefits of E-learning

Using a computer and internet connection for learning provides a number of benefits that other approaches don’t. E-learning lets students attend classes remotely in situations in which in-classroom learning is not possible, for example. This lets children and adults continue learning when they are too ill to attend classes, are interested in specializes learning, are traveling, or have limited access to classroom learning.

Online learning also allows students to study at their own pace, and this can present a distinct advantage when it comes to retention. Recent research shows that students retain 25 to 60 percent more material on average when learning online, according to statistics presented by the World Economic Forum, compared to only 8 to 10 percent in a classroom. The organization attributes the increased retention to faster learning: e-learning requires 40 to 60 percent less time to learn than in a traditional classroom setting, which then allows students to take more time to absorb difficult concepts and review any information they do not understand.’

While learners can move at their own pace, online learning programs do provide structure and routine that helps students accomplish the day-to-day tasks of learning. The structure of online learning also facilitates the smooth transition between activities and reduces disruptions; this is especially helpful for younger students, who tend to lose focus between activities.

Combining live e-learning group sessions with independent learning activities can help students develop a healthy balance of independent study and social interaction with teachers and with other students – including teachers and students from diverse backgrounds. E-learning can even help students of all ages expand their computer skills, navigate new applications, develop fine motor skills, learn tech vocabulary, and even learn how to code.

E-learning is also accessible and cost-effective. Students can engage in e-learning at any time and from anywhere, which reduces costs associated with traveling. Unlike other learning environments that require multiple instructors and support staff, just one teacher can administer an e-learning course to a nearly unlimited number of students. Aside from a computer and internet connection, no additional resources are required – e-learning is making classroom space or books obsolete. What’s better is that teachers and students can reuse materials indefinitely, which reduces costs even more.

Simply offering information on the internet is not enough, though, especially when providing educational material to younger students. Watching videos and reading stories has limited appeal to children, so the most effective e-learning materials also contain other materials that attract and challenge young minds. Joeys Animal Kingdom, a new entry coming soon to e-learning, captivates students with interesting animals, fun storytelling, exciting videos, live quizzes and games, kids’ profiles, and games.

The introduction of Wowee World’s flagship animated series provides children with a new way to learn about the animal kingdom. The hero of the story, Joey, traveled the world with his parents to visit zoos and help animals. Inspired by his passion for animals, Joey now helps educate other children about our planet and the animals that live here. An adorable collection of furry and feathered friends helps Joey and his chimpanzee sidekick, Mochi, teach children about animals. Future animated shows will create e-learning experiences in a number of topics, such as science, history, culture, sports and food/nutrition.

E-learning is increasingly popular, especially among young students who are already using programs like Wowee World.  In fact, e-learning will likely become a mainstay in education in years to come.


Frank Magliochetti owes his professional success to his expertise in two areas: medicine and finance. After obtaining a BS in pharmacy from Northeastern University, he stayed on to enroll in the Masters of Toxicology program. He later specialized in corporate finance, receiving an MBA from The Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk University. His educational background includes completion of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School and the General Management Program at Stanford Business School. Frank Magliochetti has held senior positions at Baxter International, Kontron Instruments, Haemonetics Corporation, and Sandoz. Since 2000, he has been a managing partner at Parcae Capital, where he focuses on financial restructuring and interim management services for companies in the healthcare, media, and alternative energy industries. Last year, he was appointed chairman of the board at Grace Health Technology, a company providing an enterprise solution for the laboratory environment.

Frank is the CEO of ClickStream, ClickStream’s business operations are focused on the development and implementation of apps that disrupt such as WinQuik™, a free to play synchronized mobile app and digital gaming platform. The platform is designed to enable WinQuik™ users to have fun, interact and compete against each other in order to win real money and prizes. Twitter at @ClickstreamC  @WinQuikAppNifter™, a music NFT marketplace that allows recording artists to create and sell limited edition authenticated NFTs, and their ever expanding foreign language exchange social learning app  @HeyPalApp.

Frank was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Designer Genomics International, Inc. The Company has accumulated a growing body of evidence that highlights a link between alterations in the immune and inflammatory systems and the development of chronic human disease. The Company is visionary and has established itself as a leader in the field of inflammatory and immune genetic DNA and RNA biomarkers that play a causative role in debilitating conditions, such as atherosclerosis/heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and cancer.
A proprietary state-of-the art data mining bioinformatics program, called ‘cluster analysis’ will be used to measure disease development susceptibility with potential for earlier diagnosis and intervention. The company is developing a healthcare program based on its proprietary genetic panels that will allow people to be their own healthcare advocate and take an active role in their health status as well as longevity.
Frank is a highly sought after multifaceted senior C level executive.